WC conversations

There are somethings in life you just need to talk about with your girlfriends! Right? So make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair, get comfy and let's talk! Because life is better when we are connecting with our friends.

motherhood & leadership

Margaret Gibb, President of Women Together, joins us on this WC Conversation to talk about being a mom while developing as a leader. Margaret shares her experience of the process of development all while navigating parenting in different seasons of life. This a great conversation for women who are saying 'yes' to God's call to lead in the midst of loving and caring for their family. 


As leaders we will all face crisis at different points in our life. In those seasons, we usually can't back away from our leadership role. So how to we handle crisis and continue to lead? Join Tricia Gibb and Leanne McAlister for an important conversation about prioritizing, making adjustments, and choosing to lead ourselves through a season of crisis.

when life is not in our control

Erin Lodge shares a story from scripture about a woman named Hagar who experienced isolation and complete loss of control. Hagar's response in her situation is the same as our response should be in our own situation - to cry out to the Lord! Join us for this conversation as we look to God's Word as our guide. 

Parenting through a pandemic

Parenting is challenging enough, but parenting through a pandemic? That takes our challenges to another level. Even though each family situation is different, there are some things every mom can relate to right now. Join Lindsay Kivell, Angela Mercer, Kirsten Barrett and Ramona Jaggard for this conversation on parenting in a season of crisis.

A Biblical strategy for life

None of us expected to be living through a pandemic and yet here we are, trying to cope with our ever changing reality.
How do we choose to live in the midst of a pandemic? Tricia Gibb and Tammy Crews sit down to discuss a strategy for this season (and life in general) based on Luke

Perspective, Empathy
& Feeling all our Feelings

Join Tricia Gibb and Nelly Latchman as they sit down to talk about all the feelings in the midst of COVID-19 and discuss how as followers of Christ, we must focus our perspective and choose to show empathy to others.