welcome friend

I wish today that we were meeting in person, sitting in a coffee shop, with hands wrapped around mugs steaming from hot espresso or tea. I’d ask you about your family, you would comment on the weather, but then within minutes we’d be talking about Jesus. We would share stories of our challenges and hurts and questions, but every pause in our conversation would bring us back to God’s goodness and grace. We would talk about how He reveals and restores, how He takes the broken places and makes them beautiful again. We would marvel together about how He is a God who heals our hearts and directs our lives. We would praise Him in that coffee shop as we tell our stories of who Jesus is to us. Then we would rise from the table, returning empty mugs to the counter and with a hug, promise to do this again soon.

That’s what Women’s Connection is meant to be for us. It’s the place where we come together to share, pray, and encourage. It’s where we gather, whether for moments online or hours at an event, so we know that we are not alone. Jesus is there and so are our sisters.
Women’s Connection is more than a conference; it is an army of women across our province. And we are going to grow together, fight for each other and serve the lost. We are going to live as women who are the hands and feet and heart of Jesus.