Leadership Development

One of the mandates of Women’s Connection is to invest in building up leaders across our province. We believe that every woman has God-given gifts and unique characteristics that are designed to be used in areas of influence in the home, Church, workplace and community. We are called to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus to the lost, lonely, broken and forgotten; and to live out that calling we need to be equipped.


Over the past few years Women’s Connection has hosted a day of leadership training called “Let’s Talk.” This event was both informative and encouraging, with set aside times for prayer and fellowship. Moving forward, we are building upon our desire to build up women with new initiatives like online training, leadership forums, and sharing of resources. Wherever God has given you a place of influence, we believe in the calling of leadership in your life.


As our leadership initiative develops, we’ll be giving you more information about how you can join with us as we grow together. 

next generation

As the Church we have an incredible opportunity to live as a family. The unique dynamic of a family is that you come together not because you are the same age or have the same level of experiences or because you are in a similar life season. Families come together because they simply are family and regardless of everyone’s season, they know they can learn from each other and mature as Christ followers.


Women’s Connection is committed to providing the same opportunity so that women of all ages come together. We are family and we grow together. We learn from each other. We seize opportunities to encourage each other to live out the calling of God on our lives. We make room for different generations, so that everyone knows they belong at the table.


To hear more about our heart to be next generation minded, listen to our Women's Connection Director, Tricia Gibb share her thoughts through a workshop called The Mentoring Exchange hosted at Jesus is Enough 2015.