Conference workshops

We have a great lineup for workshops for you to choose from at this year's Women's Connection Conference. Scroll below to read all about the speakers and topics. 

It's not them, it's you

Angela Mercer

Have you ever felt like you are always missing out? You see these exciting events happening and you somehow missed the invite? It's easy to place the blame on others when we feel uninvited, forgotten and isolated. Let's explore what it truly means to experience community and belonging right where you are.

Shame in the Church:

How to overcome & be set free

tina smith

Shame has been identified as the most painful and paralyzing feeling by practicing mental health practitioners. It causes a person to feel a sense of failure and guilt that follows them into every area of his or her life. When shame remains unresolved it can lead to the development of mental health illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. Sadly, shame causes people to believe they are "never going to be good enough," and leads to behaviours of self-doubt, insecurity, and loss of identity. Shame is often ignored as a cause for an individual’s inability to heal. The feeling of shame becomes unbearable when an individual is made to feel shameful by those he or she trusts. As a result, there are many people in the Body of Christ stuck in the mire of shame lost and alone as a result of silence and shame-blaming language and behaviours within the church. This workshop will challenge and teach how to leave shame at the foot of the cross by learning what causes shame in people within the church and how the church can better support the process of spirit, soul, and body sanctification.

youth & young adult girls

emily vanewyk

Serving God as a teen or young adult comes with its own set of challenges. There are so many voices speaking into your identity, purpose, future. And in the midst of it all, is this deep calling from the heart of God to rise . He has made you to be more than the world demands of you, but how do you rise above fear, shame, doubt, to know God's voice and follow His call? 

Join with us to hear from 2 young adults as they share their journeys of following God and the lessons they have learned along the way. 

Leadership panel

facilitated by sherry stahl

Are you a leader? Whenever that question gets asked in a room full of women, there are usually a few confident hands raised, mixed in with a few tentative hands and hesitant glances around the room. Let's try a different question: Are you a mom? Do you work in the business world? Do you serve at your Church? Do you volunteer at a community organization? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a leader! 

Leadership is a calling that God places upon women to be used in the home, Church and marketplace. It's also a gift that must be developed over time and through experience. 

In this Leadership Panel we are going to be hearing from leaders in different spheres of influence. Their experiences and leadership journey will be a source of encouragement and help to you, wherever you are in your own leadership growth. 

mentoring panel

facilitated by tammy crews

Mentoring is one of our mandates at Women's Connection. We believe so strongly in the Biblical principle of women walking through life together, for those who are a step ahead, imparting faith into those who are following behind. We need each other; so we must learn how to join hands across generations. 

Many women desire to mentor, but don't know how to start or what a mentoring relationship looks like. In this panel, we'll hear from women who are experiencing mentoring as they teach us the blessing and benefits to the body of Christ of journeying together.