• Tricia Gibb

    Women's Connection Director

    I love turning the ordinary into an adventure that will make people laugh and enjoy the experiences of life. 


  • myrna bustard

    Women's Connection administrative Assistant

    I love spending time with my family and bringing value and encouragement to those in my life. 




    I love snowstorms and the view of the world after snow has fallen. It reminds me of how my life is made clean, white and full of sparkles because of the grace of God. I love coffee coffee coffee, reading a good book and singing or listening to music at full volume! I love my family, my community and living my life filled with laughter, love and grace. 

  • Carrie Johnston

    Cambridge section rep

    I love experiencing all of my life through the lens of being truly loved by God. I’m in love with my husband, my two kids and the kiddos I’ve been entrusted with as a foster mom. I also love to travel, thrift store shop, read, drink coffee and serve my church..

  • lindsay kivell

    Cambridge section rep

    I love my family, friends, church, coffee and Jesus! I enjoy Netflix, bonfires, trying new food, walks along trails, thrift store shopping, worship music, and most of all... fresh, crisp bed sheets! (BEST feeling in the world, is it not!!!)

  • lois winsor

    cochrane/temiskaming section rep

    I love Jesus first and foremost and all that He has blessed me with!! I love being together with my family, through every stage of their lives. Now that they are adults, it is so awesome to hear them reminisce and tell their little secrets you had no idea about!! My heart in ministry is connecting with women, encouraging them and building them up! In all He calls me to be, I want to be His hands, His feet and His Heart!

  • heather pham


    I love being a busy mom of 3 teenage boys and being involved in everything they do. I love being newly married and sharing precious family time that can so easily be gone in the blink of an eye!

  • isabel barreira

    hamilton section rep

    I love making memories with my family… and long prayer walks on the beach.

  • Carla oliveira

    hamilton section rep

    I love coming together with my family and Church family to bring the message of love and hope to those around me and in the community. My passion is to capture precious moments behind the lens of a camera.

  • tammy crews

    huronia section rep

    I love what I do in all the beautiful facets of my life and Who I do it for. I also love chocolate... a lot.

  • RAmona jaggard
    laurentian section Rep

    I love doing life with lots of laughter, music, books, coffee and pretzels. I would also love doing life with magical fairies that make my kid's school lunches... right?

  • angela mercer

    london section rep

    I love making ordinary moments special. My most favourite thing is life around the table. I love gathering people together and sharing about life and what God is doing among us. I also, like so many on this page love a good book, some tea and chocolate.

  • annmarie burt

    muskoka section rep

    I love to laugh and make others laugh. I love my family very much. I love exercising! (Something I thought I’d never say!)

  • sherry watkinson

    muskoka section rep

    The moments I cherish most are those spent with family which includes my treasured grand babies. When alone, sitting in a zero gravity chair on my deck chatting with the Lord is a highlight!

  • laurie ricker

    niagara section  rep

    I love being a wife, mother of 6 fantastic kids and grandmother of 5 beautiful grandchildren (number 6 is on the way!) and I love being in ministry—it is so awesome to preach about Jesus right in my hometown and on missions adventures around the world.

  • tara ruel

    superior section rep

    I love Jesus, and I love helping people. I'm blessed to be Peter's wife and mom to two of my favourite people. I wouldn't say the other sections aren't good, but I would say mine is Superior!

  • Nelly latchman

    windsor section rep

    I love Jesus, fajitas, coffee, and people. I also love seeing young people walk in their calling and cheering them on as they do so.